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Hua Hin, a quick introduction

Hua Hin, How to get there

The easiest way to Hua Hin, from the Bangkok Airport, is to take a taxi, which will take approximately 2-3 hours. To avoid crazy prices for a Limousine service which is the standard offer at the arrival, book your taxi before, or go from the arrival two floors up where the taxis are coming in. The fare to Hua Hin should be around 2,500 THB. If you want it even cheaper, take the train from the Airport to Victory monument and catch a minibus to Hua Hin for 180 THB per person.

Hua Hin

Hua Hin, once a simple fishing village, became famous among the Thais, when the Thai royal family settled down here more than 100 years ago and are still living here today. Even though Hua Hin is a rather small city, it got one of the first railway stations, one of the first hotels and even the first golf course in Asia. Hua Hin, a charming place which is marked by its interesting history, is now also a place for an international community who appreciates the hospitality, and enjoys the climate, accommodation, restaurants, and sport facilities. It is a great place for beach holiday all year round, and an even better place to stay and settle.

Hua Hin is best for:

People who like it relaxed and more quite, people who are looking for the good life and who are willing to spend a bit for it. People who love golf, Kite boarding, running, mountain biking and other sports, beach holiday, spa, luxuries Resorts, and a laid back lifestyle.

The size of Hua Hin

Hua Hin has around 100,000 residents, is mostly ca. 3 kilometers wide and 20 kilometer long. It has 9 golf courses, 7 five star hotels, and 16 kilometers of beautiful beaches, separated into 3 different Bays.

The People of Hua Hin

Thailand is the land of smile and so is Hua Hin. In the opposite to big tourist places where the natural smile of the Thai people begins to fade away, Hua Hin is a place where even foreigners get a friendly face as their normal expression. Thai people still love Hua Hin and even if it is getting much more international, 80% of the condominium owners in Hua Hin are Thais. 10 years ago Hua Hin was more known as a place for European retirees, but Hua Hin is becoming a hub for international business people who are active in the Asian region, creative people who work around the globe, and the fast growing group of independent people who just need a computer and Internet to run their business. Hua Hin starts to be an international melting pot like Ibiza in the 70th.

Hua Hin Prices

Hua Hin is not the cheapest place in Thailand, but it offers all the comfort you can wish for and a wide range of choices for accommodation, restaurants and shopping. Meaning, you will be able to set up your own lifestyle according to your personal preferences. Comfortable living for a foreigner incl. a simple rental house and everyday dinning outside will be around 50,000 THB/month. Here are some price samples to get an idea:

  • Restaurant, dinner for two person starts from 300 THB
  • A simple Thai dish at the road starts at 30 THB
  • Guest houses starts from 600 THB/night
  • Hotel starts from 800 THB/night
  • A rental scooter starts from 200 THB/day
  • A rental car starts from 800 THB/day
  • A rental Apartment starts from 5,000 THB/month
  • A rental house starts from 15,000 THB/month

The Weather in Hua Hin

Hua Hin is the place with the best weather conditions in Thailand and that´s one of the reasons, why the royal family chooses to live here. With more than 300 days of Sunshine/year, the Hua Hin weather is made for sun lovers. The temperatures are very stable between 25° and 35° Celsius around the year. During the hot season (March-April) it is less hot and during the rainy season there is less rain in Hua Hin compared to other locations in Thailand. The best weather is from December to March with clear skies and fresh wind from the ocean.

Hua Hin Restaurants

The menus of restaurants in Hua Hin offer a wide range in style, taste and price. It gets everything, from exclusive 5 star places to simple eateries, and all the usual suspects like Italian, French, Indian, Japanese and Chinese. The good news is that you don’t have to pay much for a delicious meal. Hua Hin is full of cozy, small and cheap places to eat.

Hua Hin Accommodation

Like in the restaurant section, the range for accommodation is wide in Hua Hin, but here it`s more that you get what you pay for. For a 4-5 star Hotel in town at the beach you have to expect prices from 6,000 THB/night but you will get an excellent service and an unforgettable holiday experience. There are also a lot of cheaper places in town, where you will feel the difference of price and quality. If you plan to stay a bit longer, (more than 4 weeks) then a rental condominium or rental villa will offer you more privacy and space for less money. However, holiday in Hua Hin is not a secret anymore and a nice place at a decent price for the High Season should be booked 12 months in advance.

Hua Hin Shopping

Hua Hin is not even close to the shopping paradise of Bangkok but you will get all the things you need for your daily live. The old market hall in town center for example is a heaven for everybody with ambitions to cook. The offers of fresh fruits, vegetables and especially for the entire range of seafood are incredible. Huge shrimps, rock lobsters or even Barracudas are fresh and really cheap. The Grand Market which can be found at night in front of the Grand Hotel is one of the best sources for simple cloth like jeans and beachwear. The Night market in town center is a bit more on the tourist side, but with its colorful offers and all the seafood restaurants it is definitely worth paying a visit. The main shopping place in Hua Hin is the shopping mall “Market Village†where you will find a big supermarket, a do it yourself store and lots of shops and restaurants on the higher middle price level.

Activities in Hua Hin

are much depending on the personal favors but here are some basic tips for 3 kinds of people:

For the sports fan

  • Word class Golf on nine different courses with the opportunity to play all of them at the annual Golf Festival in September for just 800 THB.
  • Kite boarding on world class level between December and April at Hua Hin Beach or in Pak Nam Pran.
  • Downhill at the Hin Lek Fai and several beautiful mountain bike courses around town, most famous competition is the international Queen’s cup once a year.
  • Running at the Hat Sai Yai beach with an international Marathon and Triathlon competition once a year.
  • Wake boarding and Water park

For the fan of Sightseeing

  • The Maruekatayawan (Mrigadayavan) Palace is one of the oldest and most attractive royal palaces in Thailand. Build entirely in wood directly at the beach between Hua Hin and Cha Am.
  • The Elephant Village can be found 3 km west of town center and offers Elephant riding and show.
  • Wat Takiab (Monkey Mountain) has been built on a hill in the south of Hua Hin with a great view over Hua Hin from the sea.
  • Hin Lek Fai is the highest hill of Hua Hin which imparts a fantastic view over Hua Hin especially at Sundown
  • The Artist Village in the west of Hua Hin is a cozy place where you can meet some local artists and see their work.

For body and soul

  • A Thai Massage should have been tried by everyone. Numerous shops are right in town center.
  • Hua Hin even has its own Winery with a surprisingly good selection of local wine and can be found 15 km west of town.
  • For people who love Thai food, a cooking class will bring the knowledge into your own kitchen. Take a look at the middle of Dechanchit Rd.
  • Cicada Market is a beautiful weekend market located at Kao Takiab. It is focused on hand made crafts and paintings, accompanied by small shows and food stands all combined in a charming park.

    Hua Hin Beach

    The most people are quite surprised about the beach of Hua Hin, because it is so beautiful. Koh Samui or Phuket are well known to have great beaches, but Hua Hin can actually keep up with that. Hua Hin offers a clean, tropical dream beach lined up with palm trees right in the middle of town. A set of smaller  granite rocks in front of the beach makes the scenery more interesting and has given Hua Hin its name (Hua-Hin /Head -Stone).

    Hua Hin is the perfect place for a beach holiday however you’re choice of beach life look like. Hua Hin has a couple of different beaches on offer for different choices: Sun loungers, drinks , food, and horse riding at the main beach, Kite boarding, relaxing and some nice restaurants a bit south of town center, water sports in Kao Takiab, a 6 km long beach perfect for jogging in Ko Tao, or a cozy beach for an entire beach day at Sai Noi.

Hua Hin - Properties
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